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MOC® Menu-on-Demand™, The Ultimate Service-Drive Menu Tool ! 

Dealer Benefits

Over 50 vehicle manufacturer brands— Offers instant vehicle maintenance schedules in menu styles customized to your brand. Menus are easy to navigate, while enhancing the service advisor’s vehicle maintenance knowledge to sell the right service, while building customer trust and loyalty.

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Product Features

MENU-ON-DEMAND™ comes complete – no software required – economical, it is user friendly and effectively helps to increase Fixed Operations Profit. Offer your customers a dealer brand menu presentation that delivers high-quality vehicle maintenance schedule information—in minutes!

Training & Support

Boost service advisor confidence with MOC® MENU-ON-DEMAND™. On-line or on-the-drive training is available. Our dedicated support team will assist you and your service team in getting the most out of MENU-ON-DEMAND™. Simply using this menu tool can help advisors to effectively service.


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Let us take the guess work out of factory maintenance.


Clients who sign up for MOC® Menu-on-Demand™ receive a comprehensive program that is formatted specifically to the dealership needs and preferences according to their servicing brand(s) and demographics. Presenting The Right Service at the Right Time ensures manufacture’s compliance, improves customer service and retention while increasing dealership revenue and productivity of all service employees.

Group Client:

Step 1.

Look Up Vehicle

Search for vehicle specifications with an easy 3-clicks for fast results or search with our new tool the VIN Decoder.

Step 2.

 Select Mile Interval

With a single click, select the vehicle service interval based on the factory recommended maintenance schedule.

Step 3.

Present Menu

Advise customers on both factory scheduled maintenance and dealer suggested services with package and a la carte pricing.

Step 4.

Initiate Service

Expedite the write-up process saving time by providing work-order instructions for the advisor, customer and technicians.




Menu-on-Demand™ The Ultimate Service-Drive Menu Tool

  • Factory based scheduled maintenance
  • Full Vin Decoding
  • Economical & easy to navigate
  • Web based - no software needed
  • Able to display customer history
  • Retains sold menu data for up to seven days
  • Creates a consistent service drive process
  • Customizable better / best offerings
  • Printable parts and technician worksheets
  • On-line or on-the-drive training provided

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